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The Right Workout.

Working out is a great way to accelerate your weight loss goals. For most who want to lose weight, working out is not an option–it is a requirement. But that leads to a very important question: What workout is right for you?

Answering the above question is a bit tricky. There are many theories by many experts talking about what kind of work out one should and should not do. And, like I have mentioned in previous posts, I am not an expert. I can only tell you what I have done to lose weight myself, and what I have recommended to my clients.

First off, I am of the opinion that (most) any exercise is better than nothing. This is particularly true for beginners. Generally speaking, for people who just starting, a low-carb diet along with most any workout will accelerate  fat mobilization. In other words, I am not one of those coaches that say, “Don’t do cardio,” or, “Only do cardio.” If you are a beginner, just get moving!

There is also a psychological advantage in doing a workout that  you enjoy. And that is simply this: if you enjoy it, you are more likely to do it! So pick something you like and go for it!

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However, I do have to say that this kind of philosophy on working out is only good for a short period of time. The reason is your body adjusts and it becomes more resistant to fat mobilization. This is particularly true of cardio. The better you get at cardio, the longer you have to do it in order to get the same effects.

A good example of this is jogging. At the beginning, person may struggle to jog a block. But at the end of a month, he can jog a block with no problem. In order for the same person to receive the same benefits, he has to now run further which will takes more time. People can continue to lose wight doing cardio as long as the workouts continue to intensify and the duration increases.

This leads me to one of my favorite kinds of workouts and that is strength training. One of the best ways I have found to accelerate weight loss is lifting weights. This kind of workout does not suffer from the same problem as cardio. What do I mean by this? Well it is true that your body can adjust and as a result stop mobilizing fat as readily. However, in order to fix this problem you do not have to increase the duration of your workout. All you have to do is increase the weights.

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This does not mean that lifting does not have its setbacks. For example, you can adjust to strength training and there does come a point when adding weight no longer helps. This situation does take much longer to reach with strength training rather than cardio, but you will still get there.

The other problem is that of too much bulk. Leaning out and buffing up is great. But, there are not too many people out there that desire to look like a professional weight lifter. In fact, for most, that kind of look is simply unattractive.

With that in mind, it is important to note that for a great majority of people bulking up like a professional will never be a problem. This is partly due to the fact that in order to look like a professional body builder you have to take supplements (some legal some not so legal) that increase growth hormone in addition to working out. But some people with some body types can bulk up with like a professional without the supplements.

I know that I have to watch out for this personally. I have a naturally thick build, and if I do too much strength training, it is easy for me to get too bulkie.

There should be something said about Yoga and HIIT. However, this article is getting too long already so we will have to save these subjects for another time.

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So what kind of workout do I recommend? At first, I suggest that you pick a workout you like and do that two to three days a week. But do not do it every day because of the reasons listed above.  Break these workouts up with other workouts. Here is an example of what I have done and have recommended:

Day 1: Strength training (pick only two or three muscle groups).

Day 2: Strength training (make these different from the muscle groups form day one).

Day 3: Cardio (your choice. Just make it intense).

Day 4: Strength training (Mix it up).

Day 5: Yoga.

Day 6: Cardio or Hiit.

Day 7: Rest.

I will keep this kind of workout up for about three weeks. Then I change to this:

Day 1: Cardio (usually Martial Arts).

Day 2: Strength training (two or three muscle groups).

Day 3: Cardio.

Day 4: Yoga.

Day 5: Weights.

Day 6: Cardio (maybe a HIIT workout).

Day 7: Rest.

I usually keep this second set of days going for a two weeks. Then I go back to the first set of days for another three weeks.


If you are a beginner, just get moving. Pick a workout you like, but don’t do it everyday. And remember, success is the ultimate test of whether or not something is working. If it is not getting you closer to the goals, DO SOMETHING ELSE.

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Secret Carbs (Making Low-Carb Diets Work).

Have you plateaued on your low-carb diet. If so why? The answer could be that you are getting more carbs in your diet than you are aware of.

How does this happen? It happens by neglect. People neglect to check labels or look up foods online to find out how many carbs they are eating. As a result, they plateau quickly, get discouraged, and resume unhealthy eating.

What’s in Your Salad? 001

Eating uncounted carbs happens all the time in salads. And I’m not just taking about the croutons. Most people who are on a low carbohydrate diet are savvy to avoiding them. However, even in a salad without croutons, there are still many uncounted carbs.

My eyes were opened to this when on one occasion, I had a salad with some craisins in it. At the time, I did not think anything of it. However, later on in the evening I decided to check the carbohydrate count just to see. I was surprised. I always expect the carb count to be higher on fruit, but I was not expecting this. There are about 22 carbs in 1/4 of a cup! After, this I started counting carbohydrates in many of my questionable favorites.

Another Common Oversight

Here is another common oversight that I have committed myself and have also seen regularly in other people’s choices. This oversight is sauces. For example, many cheese sauces have flour in them. Often lowcarbers will not think of this because cheese is often OK on many low carbohydrate diets. And when we make this sauce at home we usually use cheese and heavy cream. But the pre-packaged kind will mostly use flour. This should make any good low-carber reconsider ordering  the broccoli, cheese soup.

Low-carb cheese and broccoli soup.
Low-carb cheese and broccoli soup.

A popular sauce that often has more carbs that expected is tomato sauce. Almost all the canned tomato sauces have sugar added. Check the label before you make that spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce.

It’s Just the Broth

Another culprit is broth. I have seen many people order chicken noodle soup and ask the server for just the broth. However, much of the starch of the noodles can leach out into the broth. This creates a much higher carb count than expected.

The Fix 

There is an easy way to fix this and it is to simply check the labels. If it’s a kind of food without a label, look it up on line. If you are out at a restaurant, ask questions. Doing these simple things will help keep you on the weight-loss path.

How Often Should You Have a Cheat Day?

Restricting yourself from pleasure foods can be difficult. This is why cheat days or cheat meals are so important. Cheat meals allows you to indulge in foods that you may have been craving and also re-activate your fat burning hormones.

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But these indulgences are shrouded in mystery. How often should your cheat? Should you cheat the whole day or just one meal? Can you have anything you want? These are just some of the questions that people ask when considering a scheduled cheat.

First off, I would like my readers to consider that I am not a dietitian. I’m just a guy who lost sixty pounds. My only credential is success. With that in mind, lets move on.

The truth is, there is no right answer to when and how often one should have a scheduled cheat. This is due to the fact that everyone is different. However, I do have general recommendations. For example, I recommend that a person refrains form cheating for the first six weeks of their diet. While there may be some exceptions to this, those exceptions are few and far between. The first six weeks are critical. This is where you retrain your body to mobilize fat storage habitually. This means that the body is training to use fat storage rather than store fat preferentially.

After the first six weeks, I recommend a cheat day without limits. In other words, I don’t care when, how long, or what you eat on your cheat day. The only thing is you must have one. And it must be at least two feeding. After the first cheat day, I recommend that a person go on the induction phase of the low-carb diet again. Going on the induction phase after a cheat will accelerate the fat burning process.

As a person progresses the more cheats he or she can have. It could go from every six weeks to every four weeks to every three to ten days. There is no hard-and-fast rule. But your cheats must be monitored carefully. If you are gaining weight, then you need to stop and give yourself another four to six weeks to once again re-adjust your body.

How many feeding should you have? Again, there is no strict rule. However, I recommend that cheat day is not really a day. It’s good to avoid all carbs the first half of the day. Then have two cheat meals along with a snack and a dessert. It should last between six to eight hours. If you have been on a low-carb diet for more than six months with success, then I recommend that after your cheat meal you go back on the induction phase of the diet for about three to five days.

What can you have on your cheat day? The sky really is the limit. However, the common mistake is not eating enough carbs or trying to eat only low-glycemic carbs. Remember cheat days are a time to indulge. These indulgences help psychologically and physically.

Finally, success is the only measure of a diet. Don’t be afraid to adjust and readjust as needed. And remember, cheaters always win by losing!

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The Importance of Cheat Day (Why Diets Fail)

How did you spend your Fourth of July? I spent mine eating bagels, donuts, cookies, potatoes, potato chips, corn chips, and ice cream (among other things). But I did not fall off the wagon. Rather I indulged in a well deserved cheat day.

If you do not already know, a cheat day is a day when you can eat all those foods that you do not normally eat. Foods that are “bad for you.” Cheat days are important and you should not skip them. Why are they so important? Here are two reasons.


In an earlier post, I talked about one of the reasons why diets fail. And that reason was an un-manageability factor. In other words, any diet that is going to work has to be a diet that you can live with.

How does this concept figure into a cheat day? Well, what if you were on a diet that forbid you to eat any unhealthy food–ever. Could you do this? I know I could not. While I love eating healthy, I also love some unhealthy foods as well. If I were told I could never eat them again, eventually I would break down and go off the diet. And without the regulation one gets form cheat day, I would probably continue to eat unhealthy food and regain weight.

But this is not a problem when you have a scheduled cheat day. I know that all my sacrifice is going to pay off. I know that there is a day coming when I can eat all those pleasure foods I have been avoiding. And the best part is I’m not breaking my diet! Cheat day gives me the psychological advantage to continue to eat healthy between indulgence days. I don’t have to live without those foods forever. All I have to do is weight a little while.

Health Benefits

The other reason to have a cheat day has to do with the health benefits that accompany them. That’s right. Cheat days have health benefits. It is not all just indulgences.

How is cheat day healthy? As many of you know (particularly those of you who follow a low-carb diet), fat loss is a hormonal process. As you lose weight, you also decrease the production of weight-loss hormones. When you have a cheat day, you re-set all your fat burning hormones. This becomes very important when you are trying to continue to lose weight. In fact, not having enough cheat days is one of the reasons why people plateau and stop losing weight.

So enjoy your cheat day. And don’t cheat your self out of it!

One last thing. You may be wondering how often you should have a cheat day. You may also be wondering what and how much you can have on a cheat day. Keep coming back to this blog to find out.

You are ALREADY Motivated

The truth is we are all already motivated. The question is: What are we motivated to do? Some people are motivated to do healthy things, while some people are motivated to do unhealthy things.

What do I mean by this? For example, If you are someone who is prone to sitting on the couch and chowing down on unhealthy food, you do not have a lack of motivation. This is to say you have a reason for participating in unhealthy activities. And that reason is your motivation.

Another way to look at this is by asking: What are you getting out of your unhealthy habit(s)? And do not fool yourself. You are gaining something by sitting on the couch eating donuts. Identifying what you are gaining is the first step in fixing the problem.

What to do next is shift the focus. Instead of concentrating on all the things you are getting out of your bad habit, think of what you are going to lose if you keep up with this unhealthy lifestyle. Think of what your body will look like in the next five years. Become disgusted. That’s right. Think of the unhealthy activity and become disgusted. Then do it again and again. Think of the unhealthy activity and become disgusted. 

Before you know it, instead of being motivated to do unhealthy things, you will find the motivation to avoid them.

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