A Mind For Fitness Podcast


Episode 68: What Intermittent Fasting Does to Your Body

Episode 66: Making Your Intermittent Fasting Easy

Episode 64: The Art of Dieting Without Dieting: Interview With Author Byron Morrison

Episode 63: What is Really Keeping You Overweight PT. 2 (Diet Protocol)

Episode 62: What is Really Keeping You Overweight and How to Change It

Episode 61: Make Lasting Change Using NLP:

Episode 60: Cheating During the Holidays: Deluxe Edition

Episode 59: How Christian Evens lost 187 Pounds in 10 Months

Episode 58: Mind Body Nutrition With Joe Bernstein

Episode 55: The True Key To Weight Loss–No Kidding

Episode 54: Totally Honest With My Weight Loss Goals

Episode 52: Interview With Jonathan Chant form Fitness For Freedom

Episode 51: How I Lost 90 Pounds.

Episode 50: Martial Arts and Health with Sean Madigan from Dudes of Kung Fu Podcast.

Episode 49: Avoiding And Recovering From Injuries.

Episode 48: 10 Reasons You Are not loosing Weight Even Though You Are Dieting And Exercising

Episode 47: This is Why Your Are Eating Too Much And How To Stop

Episode 46: What To Expect When Carb Cycling With Dirty Carbs


Episode 45: Reintroducing Carbs Into Your Diet?

Episode 44: Low Carb Is Not Enough

Episode 43: How to Make Your Commitment to Losing Weight Easier.

Episode 42: Outdoor Fitness With Alyx Cave’ From Chisel Outdoors



Episode 41: What You Need To Try Before You Give Up On Weight Loss

Episode 40: The Intermittent Fasting Wars

Episode 39: True Confessions: How I Gained Weight Again, And How I lost It

Episode 38: Reviewing The Wild Diet

Episode 37: Why Traditional Diets Work For Some People Some of the Time

Episode 36: Five Factors That Will Either Make or Break Your Weight Loss


Episode 35: How Much Do Calories Actually Matter?

Episode 34: Getting Past Your Weight-Loss Plateaus.

Episode 33: Dealing With Gym Resoltioners.

Episode 32: 5 Easy Ways To Lose Weight For the New Year!

Episode 31. Everything You Need To Know About Fat-Shaming.

Episode 30. Which Carb-Cycling Method is Right For You?

Episode 29. Stop Negative Self Talk

Episode 28. Secret Weight-Loss Weapon

Episode 27. Cheating During the Holidays (how to minimize the damage).

Episode 26. Get Fit For Christmas Challenge!

Episode 25. One Mental Attitude You Must Have In Order to Lose Weight.

Episode 24. Why it is so difficult to break bad habits.

Episode 23. What’s the Difference Between the Paleo, Keto, and Low Carb Diets?

Episode 22. Reviewing Chris Powell’s Book Choose to Lose: The Seven day Carb Cycle Solution 

A Mind For Fitness Podcast: Episode 21. 7 Signs You Are a Gym D-bag

A Mind For Fitness Podcast: Episode 18. In this Episode, Ian talks about choices that most people think are healthy, but are actually bad.

A Mind For Fitness Podcast: Episode 17. In this episode, Ian interviews a client who has lost and maintained weight loss for a year!

A Mind For Fitness Podcast, Episode 16. Why Advanced Weight Loss Resources works and can work for you!

A Mind For Fitness Podcast, Episode 15. Why Your Workout is Not Working Out.

A Mind For Fitness Podcast, Episode 14. Audio Review of Jimmy Moore’s book, Keto Clarity

A Mind For Fitness Podcast, Episode 13. Creating a Lifestyle for Your Health

A Mind For Fitness Podcast, Episode 12. Starting Your New Life

A Mind For Fitness Podcast, Episode 11. Getting Yourself Off of Sugar The Right Way

A Mind For Fitness Podcast, Episode 10. Five Reasons Your low Carb Diet is Failing.

In this episode, Ian talks about a new years mentality that could be keeping you overweight. Plus some of the concerns he has with Paleo

A Mind For Fitness, Post Holiday Report. How much Weight I gained and what I am doing about it. Also, motivation tactics for the new year!

A Mind For Fitness Podcast, episode 7. How to tell if you need professional help, and being hones with yourself about it.

A Mind For Fitness Podcast, episode 6. Ian discusses six ways to minimize the holiday cheating damage.

A Mind for Fitness podcast, episode 5. Ian talks about people who want to see you fail and one great way to handle them. Also, goal setting for weight loss.


A Mind For Fitness podcast episode 4. Ian talks about four psychological factors that seperate the fit and the fat.

A Mind For Fitness Episode 3. In this episode, Ian Carlin discusses three of the most common mistakes people make that keep them fat and what one can do about it.

A episode of A Mind For Fitness is now available. In this episode I discuss the internal and external factors in yo-yo dieting. listen to this episode and learn the psychology of why we go on and off diets. And also learn the one major common mistake people make when choosing a diet.

A Mind For Fitness Episode 0.

Ian Carlin describes what makes this show unique and what drove him to re-examine his health and resolve to no longer yo-yo diet.


A Mind For Fitness Episode 1.

Listen to this episode and learn what Ian Carlin did to lose more than 60 pounds! He also shares the plateaus he hit and what he did to get past them.

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