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Audio Review of Keto Clarity, by Jimmy Moore

In this episode of A Mind For Fitness, I review Jimmy Moore’s book, Keto Clarity. Hope you enjoy.

Losing Wight In the Strangest Places

At the beginning of February, I decided to workout for at least 1/2 hour a day six days a week. I was (and still am) simply tired to working on this last 10 pounds of stubborn belly fat. A week or so ago, I blogged about the 21 Day Fix by Beach Body I got in the mail. That was part of my February goal to workout every day! I mentioned in that blog that I would keep you all updated. So have I lost any weight?

The answer is yes. However, while I am losing a little weight in the belly, I have also lost weight in a very strange place. “Where?” you may ask. In my feet! This is the first time I have lost fat off of my feet.

Interesting Story 

I had to buy new shoes for work. And I where a size 12. I have always worn a size 12 since I was an adult. In fact, I have never worn anything other than a size 12 in my entire adult life. So logically, I tried on a size 12. It was lose around my heal and over the top of my foot. I tried tightening the laces but that was no help. “Must be a faulty pair of shoes,” I thought to myself while picking out another pair of size 12. But the same thing happened with this pair. Then another pair.

Finally, it occurred to me that I must no longer be a size 12. I tried on a size 11, and they fit perfectly. Then I tried on another pair of 11s  just to make sure it was not a fluke. They also fit perfectly. The only conclusion I could possibly come to was that I must have lost weight in my feet.

I struggled with believing I had lost weight in my feet because I have never had that happen to me before.  Also, it is not anything I hear people talking about. When someone loses weight, they often talk about their paints, shirt, and belt. But I have never heard anyone say, “Dude, I’m down a shoe size! High five!”

I guess, however, it is logical. I have seen some fat feet in my day. I must have shed some feet fat!


Shedding any excess fat is good. While I would like to see more come off of my belly, I am happy to have it off of my feet. If anyone else out there can identify or have a similar story, please share it in the comments.

Weaning Off Sugar

So maybe your meals look like this:

002Pizza 001


But you want them to look like this:

lowcarbfood2 009Christmas 2014 015

Because you’er tired of looking like this:


And want to look like this:

Karate me 001

Your first option is to go cold turkey and stop eating sugar and foods that turn into sugar in your body altogether. However, this may not be the right way to get off of sugar for everyone. Why? Well, There are some people we call sugar burners. These are people whose bodies prefer to burn glucose. These people have a difficult time using anything else as fuel.

Sugar burners have an extremely difficult time refraining from carbs cold turkey. Their bodies simply do not switch over to burning fat, and as a result, they have dizzy spells and have extreme cravings for high-carb foods. Also, they are always hungry and just do not feel satisfied eating low-carbohydrate food. These symptoms are called sugar withdraws.

I know about this because I was a sugar burner. I chose to tough though my withdrawals. But if you do not want to suffer though withdraws as I did, there is another method. Namely, you can decrease the amount of sugar you consume incrementally. Here is how in two easy steps.

Step One

Find out how many carbs you are eating in a day. You need to know this because you need to have a realistic measurement of what you are consuming.

Step Two 

Once you know how many carbs you are eating, decrease your carbs by 10 grams a day for three days. Then say for there for two days. Continue this process until you are between 25 to 35 grams of carbs a day.

Keep in Mind 

If you have chosen this method, you must not let yourself get too hungry. Decreasing carbs this fast will extremely reduce the size of your meals.  Make sure you are adding fats and protean to your diet. Let your hunger guide you. Do not stuff yourself but eat until you are satisfied.


If you have decided to wean yourself off of carbs this way, please let us know how it is going. We would love to hear from you!

Creating A Lifestyle for Your Health (Podcast)

In this episode, Ean gives three powerful steps to take your diet to a lifestyle.

Challenging Myself for 21 Days

Just wanted to write this quick blog which is more on a personal note. I just received the 21 Day Challenge by Beach Body. I am going to be starting it on Thursday. I got because I have been working out only two or three days a week. So I needed some inspiration. We will see what happens in 21 days. I’ll keep you updated.

Level Up Your Burger and Fruit Salad!

Admittedly, this dinner is more of a maintenance meal. By that I mean it is a meal that is low-carb and Paleo ( that is Paleo depending on who you ask). It is a high fat diet that can be made with all organic ingredients. That said, it does contain some fruit and some veggies that are higher in carbs than others. However, there are no starches or carbs form refined or artificial sources.

It starts with making a hamburger. But this hamburger is going to be kicked up a notch or two by adding these supper tasty toppings.

toppings 001

These toppings start by sauteing onions and bacon. Once those are mostly done, then add to the pan red peppers and mushrooms. Once it is all done, melt your favorite cheese over the top and place on your hamburger. Or you can have it as a side-dish

toppings 002


Now for the fruit salad. In this salad, I have blackberries, pineapple, 1/2 of an apple, strawberries, and one mandarin orange. But use whatever fruit you like. What makes this dish special is that I have added crushed pecans and a generous amount of cinnamon. This will take any fruit salad to the next level!

toppings 003

If you try these recipes, or better yet, if you change these recipes in your own unique way, let me know how it turned out. And please do not forget to share this blog on your favorite social media.

I’ts Not My Fault

Many people fail to lose weight because they simply will not take personal responsibility for their obesity. I do not speak to this issue as an outsider, but as one who use to blame my excess weight one everything and everyone other than myself; so there is not judgment in this assessment. However, the assessment still stands: Many people are overweight because they will not take responsibility for their obesity.

Of course, I remember the excuses I made for my weight. But since I have become a weight-loss coach, I have more clearly taken note of these excuses when I hear them from others. Here are two that I hear most often:

It Was The Way I Was Raised 

It’s doubtful that any of us were raised in a home where we were fed a low -carbohydrate, natural source, ketogenic diet. Most of us were raised to believe that a healthy diet consisted of low fat and lots grains. To complicate things, many of us were raised with a dysfunctional relationship with food.

This was true in my upbringing. Food meant excitement! This was particularly true of bad food. I was raided by a single mother and (most) every night we went out to eat. So for me, bad food was adventurous. As a result, I have had to overcome a tight neuro-association between bad food and feelings of adventure and excitement.

Others have been raised with food as a source of comfort. If you are feeling bad, eat something sweet and you will feel better.

Still for others, food was used as reward. You were good, you get something sweet; you were bad, you missed dessert.

I’m Genetically Predisposed to Be Fat 

Another excuse is to blame genetics. Some will blame their obesity on the fact that they are big boned, or they have a slow metabolism, or that obesity runes in their family.

Again, these are excuses I have used. As I have said before (either in this blog or in my podcasts), I have a body that easily puts on weight. I do not have a V shaped body, nor am I a bean-poll. My body is very round when out of shape and very square when I am in shape. Whether it is my metabolism or some other factor, I have to fight to stay fit.

Getting Beyond The Excuses 

It may be true that you had an upbringing in which you developed a bad relationship with food. It may also be true that you have a genetic profile that makes easily gain weight. However, these are not good excuses.

In order to get to a healthy weight, one must take responsibility for the choices they make. Overcome your excesses and realize that you are the one who decides what you eat and whether or not you exercise is you.

Making a Decision for Your Health (Podcast)

A Mind For Fitness Podcast. In This episode, I talk about how to draw upon your past, present and future in order to make a decision for your health. I also talk about taking responsibility for your health. Please share on your favorite social media!