Advanced Weight Loss Resources is dedicated to bringing you cutting edge information on heath, fitness, and motivation. We are an online and live service that offers the best in motivation and health coaching to help you achieve  and maintain your weight loss goals.

This company was founded by Eian Carlin who has personally lost more than seventy pounds. He did this by applying the science of NLP, a low-carbohydrate diet, and a variety of exercises.  Now, he is passing the information that he used to lose and maintain his weight loss goals onto you!

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  1. Hey eian,i have been listening to your podcasts and i appreciate everything you have to say. I love that you still are searching for ways to live a healthier. Your advice is golden and unique. You have a very special gift to motivate guide and inspire.Thankyou so very much

  2. Hi Eian. I listen to your podcast and reviewed your book. I can’t see on here how to email you the review. I also would like to hear more about the 3-month challenge.

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