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Fit for Christmas Challenge!

So it’s 67 days until Christmas; what are your plans? For many years, what I use to do (back when I was overweight), is say something like this, “It’s the holidays! We have Oct. 31, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day. There is no point in getting in shape now, I’ll just weight for the new year.”

But guess what? Year after year new year would come and I would make some progress, but eventually I fall back into old habits. The next holiday season would come around once again and I was just as fat and miserable as I was before.  In some cases I was more unhappy.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, then the Fit For Christmas Challenge is for you! This challenge starts now! It is designed to break old habits and old programs you’ve been running in your head your whole life. How are we doing this? Step one is by starting at the beginning of the holiday season rather than the end. You’ve seen what happens when you wait. Don’t repeat the same process–try something new!

The Plan 

This plan is based on two basic concepts that everyone knows–Diet and Exercise.


Christmas 2014 001

Here is the plan. First you must limit your carb intake to between 25 and 35 a day. It is not important right now where those carbs come form, just as long as you do not exceed 35 a day. This starts now!

Oct. 31 will be your first cheat day. You will not start this cheat day until after 1:00 PM, and it can last until you go to sleep.

The first week of November you will need to back to limiting your carbs to 25-35 a day. However, after the fist week, you can bump your carbs to 50. But you must never go beyond 50!

Your next cheat day will be Thanksgiving! And if you have been good, go a head and take that Friday as well.

After Thanksgiving, go back to 25-35 carbs a day for one one week. After that week, you can have up to 50 grams once more.

Your final cheat will be Christmas Eve and Christmas. Start on Christmas Eve as late as you possibly can, then cheat for 24 hours.

After Christmas, you will have to re-evaluate and see what’s next and what is right for you.

BTW, you do not have to count any carbs that come from green vegetables.

Exercise Plan

This is where there is some flexibility. In other words, it is up to you to choose a plan. However, you must choose a plan not make one up from day to day. For example, I’ve just started Insanity.

insanity 013

Other plans may include P90X, or most anything from Beach Body is good.

P90x 00121day 001

If however, you cannot afford these or you don’t have them and need to start now, you can go down to wal-mart, target…. and pick up something like this:


workout2 003

I cannot remember how much it was, but It was under $30.

Whatever you choose, you must workout 6 days a week.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

First is that on your cheat days it is important to work out the day of and the day after. No exceptions!

It’s fine if you choose to work out twice a day to get better results; however, you do not need to do this.

And if you decide to go to the gym, create a plan and go at least 6 days a week.

Finally, monitor your body. If you are working out too much and need some extra carbs that’s OK. However, get them from fruit and vegetables. And make sure this is a need and not a craving.


I would love to hear about the workout plan you chose. Also, make sure to take some before pictures so you can monitor your progress. Best wishes and stay strong!