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Making Time or Making Excuses

Out of work late today.Now I’m rushed. I still have to think of what to get for dinner and a host of other family chores as well. So here is the question: Do I go to the gym or not?

I could feel the weight of the excuses piling up. To blow off working out would be easy and understandable. There is always tomorrow, right? But I had to decide: Was I going to make time or make excuses?

It’s easy to let life run over the top of you. And the truth is there is always an excuse to not do what needs to be done. Whether it’s working out or staying on a healthy eating plan, there is always an excuse to do the wrong thing.

Not letting this happen is a matter of realizing that one must make the time to do the things that keep one healthy. In fact, sometimes you have to fight for the time.

plakingme 003

One Belief That is Keeping You Overweight

Recently I have been doing some thinking on the differences in the attitudes, feelings, and beliefs that exist between those who are fat and those who are fit. While there are many beliefs that separate these two groups, I would like to share one of the major ones with you today.  In fact, I would dare say that this belief is the main reason why the great majority of people do not reach their weight loss goals. This belief keeps many from starting a diet, and/ or keeps many from successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

By now, the reader is probably asking him or herself, “What is that one belief?” Here it is: You are missing out on something good.

What do I mean by this? Well let me draw on my own life for just a moment. When I was fat, I hated it. So why didn’t I just go on a diet and lose the weight? It’s due to the fact that when I was attempting to eat in a healthy way, I always felt like I was missing out on something good. That something good was the food I loved. So let me break it down: On an internal level, a fit lifestyle did not mean I was getting better. Rather it meant I was missing out on my favorite food. And, of course, if dieting means that I am missing out, then my diet was bound to fail.

bad food 002

I have found that this belief is true for many who are struggling with their weight. They have not changed what a fit lifestyle means. It does not mean that they are gaining health. It does not mean that they are going to have the body they always wanted. It means that they are losing out. As long as the pain of missing out is at the forefront of the dieters mind, he/she will never be successful.

The way to fix this is by changing beliefs. In order to do this a person needs to seriously reflect on what it will cost if he/she does not change. Once a person really internalize what an unhealthy lifestyle will cost, change is natural. The individual will longer think of what he or she is missing out on. Now they will automatically think of how much better their life will be when they do change.

I still believe I am missing out. But instead of believing that I’m missing out on food, I now know that I am missing out on an ugly future. I am missing out on heart burn. I am missing out on hating looking at myself in the mirror. I am missing out on trying to find clothes that fit me. I’m not missing out on my favorite food.

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What I’m Looking For In A Low-Carb Meal

The one thing I’m looking for in a low-carb meal is satisfaction. However, there are many elements that go into making a meal, particularly a low-carb meal, satisfactory. Here are the three main factors that create a satisfying low-carb experience.

Food Food Food 

lowcarbfood2 006

The first thing for me is volume. That is to say, I want to eat a lot of food. This may not be the main element for many readers, but for me, it is a big deal.

One of the reasons why I like a low-carb lifestyle is that I do not have to be hungry. I have to admit that there have been times when I have eaten too much. This was particularly true when I first started this lifestyle over two years ago. My tendency to overeat has severely lessened over the past two years. However, I still do not like to be hungry.

Dang That Was Good

lowcarbfood2 003

Of course a large amount of food on its own does not make a satisfying meal. That leads me to my next important element–flavor! I want a lot of food but it has to taste good. It’s better if it tastes excellent. Flavorful, rich food will often make me forget that I am even eating a low-carb meal. At that point, it is just a meal that tastes great!


lowcarbfood2 005

A final touch is to make the meal exciting. One of the things that excites me is trying out new recipes. This makes both the process of cooking the meal and eating it a major blast!

Another aspect that makes a meal fun is the way it looks. One way to help a meal look good is to add color. A colorful meal makes the experience thrilling.

One Last Thought 

One of the reasons why people fail on diets is due to the fact that they feel unsatisfied. That is to say they think they are missing out. If an individual is constantly thinking that they are missing out on better food, then of course they are going to eventually fail. This is why satisfaction is the most important element. A person who is satisfied by eating a lot of flavorful and exciting food is going to be satisfied, and, in turn, have no reason to stray from their eating program. So my question for you is: What makes a low-carb meal satisfying for you? Leave your answer in the comment section. And don’t forget to follow and share!


When to Get Help

We all need help. Whether it is help overcoming a craving or finding the motivation to workout, we all need help. The question is: When should a person seek professional help?

Reason One

Helpme 005

This question is relevant to me for three reasons. First, I am the kind of person who needs help on a daily basis. Although, I rarely need professional help. Most of the help I need to stay on my weight-loss journey comes from the books I read and the podcasts I listen to. These seem to be enough, generally speaking, to keep me focused. And I can tell you, when I do not have these influences, I find myself slipping back into old habits very quickly.

Reason Two 

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The second reason is there was a time I did need professional help. It was only a few months ago. What was my problem? I had lost the motivation for working out. It did not matter how many podcasts I listen to, or how many books and articles I read. Even my favorite T. V. shows about losing weight were not helping. I would start a workout, and about five minutes into it I would give up. I lost my drive.

The good thing is I knew I needed help. So what did I do? I contacted an NLP practitioner. Within just a half-hour I was back on top of my game.

Reason Three 

The third reason is I see people all the time who need professional help and refuse to get it. This became evident to me when I got to know a barista at a local coffee shop I frequent. Because I am there so often I have gotten to know many of the people in the shop on a personal basis. On one occasion, this barista asked me what I did for work. I told her I was in the health and fitness industry.

Over the years I have gotten to know her and her story. She is severely overweight and has had many health problems associated with her obesity–including serious ones! Of course, she asked me for advice. And I gave her some, the type of advice I do not mind giving out for free. I told her to cut back on her carbohydrates and other such general information. But, I also let her know that she needed to come and see me on a professional basis in order to really see change. However, she never has taken that step.

I see her quite often and she is always telling me about the latest diet she is trying. Is she ever successful on any of these programs? The answer is no!

I rarely talk to her anymore about her ongoing struggles. Now, whenever she tells me she is starting some new fad-diet, I simply smile and nod and tell her that I hope it works.

Will she ever see the results she hopes for? Not likely. Not without help. Will she ever get the help she needs? Well, it does not look good, but I always hope she will come to her senses.

Get The Help You Need

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So here is my question to the reader: What kind of help do you need? Perhaps you only need a small amount of motivation that comes from listening to podcasts and reading books on the subject of weight loss. Or are you the kind of person who may need some professional help? How can you tell the difference? Well, is what you are doing working? If it is, then great! But if you find yourself constantly yo-yo dieting, or needing some extra coaching, then don’t fool yourself–get the help you need!


Advanced Weight Loss Resources is here for you. Whether you need coaching or specialized diet programs. Please contact us and get the help you need. It is worth your time to improve your health.


Why We Yo-Yo Diet

A episode of A Mind For Fitness is now available. In this episode I discuss the internal and external factors in yo-yo dieting. listen to this episode and learn the psychology of why we go on and off diets. And also learn the one major common mistake people make when choosing a diet.

Why Didn’t I Start Sooner

I ran across an old picture of myself. In the picture, I was 26 years old. Today I am 41. That gives you an idea of how many years ago this was. But when I saw the picture, I thought to myself, why did I not start losing weight sooner? I came up with a few answers.

The first was I was severely self deceived and a bit delusional. What I mean by that is I really did not think I was I fat as I actually was. In my mind, wile I was not completely happy with the way I looked, I still did not think I looked that bad. After all there were people much fatter than I.

In conjunction with my delusion, I also made excuses. While I  hated looking at pictures of myself, I would think, well the camera adds 10 pounds. I know I was making excuses and delusional because I do not mind looking at pictures of myself now. In fact, I’m a little vain about it.

Another reason, and probably the biggest reason is that I did not really want to lose the weight. Or to put it another way, I did not want to give up those things that were making me fat. Of course, if someone was able to wave a magic wand over me and make me thin, I would not object. But I did not want to give up all that high-carb food!

These issues were not unique to me. They are common to all sorts of people who need to lose weight, and I hear them quite often. I run into people all the time who say things like, “I only have a few pounds to lose,” when they actually have 50 to 100. Self deception and excuse making at work.

I hear people all the time say things like, “I only eat bread at lunch.” This is an indication that they really do not want to give up those things that are keeping them fat.

In order for people to lose weight, they must give up the delusions, stop making excuse, and love being healthy more than they love bad food. I know that it can be difficult because I did it. I only wish I would have done it sooner!

Another shirt I would wear at age 26.
A shirt I would wear at age 26.
A Shirt I use to wear at age 26
A Shirt I use to wear at age 26


Low Carb Goodness!

Low carb eating in our house is often exciting and fun! This was a dish my wife and step daughter made. It is a cheese burger with a low-carb bun and a side of cauliflower salad.

burger 002


The actual burger has been cut in the center to make room for an egg.

burger 001

The bun was  made from a mixture of eggs, almond flour, and flax-seed flour.

burger 003

The cauliflower salad was a heated dish which included cheese and bacon! Two favorites in my house. In my opinion, this tastes way better than any potato salad.

This was truly an amazing meal and ever so satisfying. So my question for the readers is: What is your favorite low-carb meal? Please share in the comments below.

A Mind For Fitness Podcast!

Hey everyone. I am so excited to be publishing my first podcast called: A Mind For Fitness.

Still not sure how this all works so I am trying to publish a couple of links to see which one works.