Level Up Your Burger and Fruit Salad!

Admittedly, this dinner is more of a maintenance meal. By that I mean it is a meal that is low-carb and Paleo ( that is Paleo depending on who you ask). It is a high fat diet that can be made with all organic ingredients. That said, it does contain some fruit and some veggies that are higher in carbs than others. However, there are no starches or carbs form refined or artificial sources.

It starts with making a hamburger. But this hamburger is going to be kicked up a notch or two by adding these supper tasty toppings.

toppings 001

These toppings start by sauteing onions and bacon. Once those are mostly done, then add to the pan red peppers and mushrooms. Once it is all done, melt your favorite cheese over the top and place on your hamburger. Or you can have it as a side-dish

toppings 002


Now for the fruit salad. In this salad, I have blackberries, pineapple, 1/2 of an apple, strawberries, and one mandarin orange. But use whatever fruit you like. What makes this dish special is that I have added crushed pecans and a generous amount of cinnamon. This will take any fruit salad to the next level!

toppings 003

If you try these recipes, or better yet, if you change these recipes in your own unique way, let me know how it turned out. And please do not forget to share this blog on your favorite social media.

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