I Have to Take Off My Wedding Ring–Again!

I was 21 years old when I first put on my wedding ring. It fit perfectly. it was not too tight nor too loose.

wedding day1 001 (2)


However, many years later (at the age of 37) I had to take off my ring. It was a sad day. My fingers wear so bloated that it was causing me pain. I had to face the truth, I was too fat to wear it. I reluctantly took it off and kept it in a box next to my bed.


But then came a happy day. Two and a half years later, I had lost enough weight to put my ring back on my finger. Not only was I happy, but my wife was happy too.

But now, I have to take my ring back off again. Not because I am too big, but because the ring is too big! I realized this when my ring slid off my finger while in the grocery store. I dove for it like it was the one ring to rule them all. I slipped back on my finger and noticed that my knuckle was barely big enough to keep it on.

ring 001

What this means is that I am now skinnier than I was when I got married! I do not bring this up to brag, but I would be lying if I said I was not pleased to report it. However, I do mention this because it is a reminder that all my sacrifices and hard work is, in fact, paying off. I am very close to my weight-loss goals and want to encourage all of you to stay the course.

From 286 to 230 001

The ring will not stay off forever. I will get it re-sized. But it is nice that I have to get it taken in and not expanded.

Stay strong, my readers, and never give up!


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