Eating With A Mindful Stomach

Most of us do not eat with a mindful stomach. In other words, we do not listen to our stomach when we consider how much food we are going to consume. But if we do not consult our stomach then what do we consult?

Often we eat with our eyes. By that, I mean the aesthetic appeal of food can entice us to eat even when we are not truly hungry.

toppings 003

Emotional eating is another factor. That is we eat to change our mood. Again, this often has very little to do with whether or not you are hungry.


Finally, there is eating out of habit. One of the biggest habits revolving around food is “meal time.” We are not eating because we are hungry, we are eating because its “meal time.” And to complicate things, most of us are trained to finish everything on our plates at these “meal times.”

me looking bad 010

None of these are eating because we are truly hungry. But the good news is eating with a mindful stomach is as easy as asking yourself, “Am I really hungry right now?” Or to put it another way, really listen to the organ that tells you when you are hungry–your stomach.

If you are hungry, then this is a great time to eat. But continue to consult your stomach. A great way to cut back on the amount of food you eat is a little trick I learned from Paul McKenna in his book, I Can Make You Thin.  Here is the trick: Eat very slowly and enjoy your food. After each bite, consult your stomach. If you are still hungry take another bite. If you are not stop eating. Don’t worry not finishing your food because if you are truly hungry in five or ten minutes–eat again!

Do this and see how much you have been eating because of other reasons rather than hunger. And then watch the scale for the results!

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