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Eating With A Mindful Stomach

Most of us do not eat with a mindful stomach. In other words, we do not listen to our stomach when we consider how much food we are going to consume. But if we do not consult our stomach then what do we consult?

Often we eat with our eyes. By that, I mean the aesthetic appeal of food can entice us to eat even when we are not truly hungry.

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Emotional eating is another factor. That is we eat to change our mood. Again, this often has very little to do with whether or not you are hungry.


Finally, there is eating out of habit. One of the biggest habits revolving around food is “meal time.” We are not eating because we are hungry, we are eating because its “meal time.” And to complicate things, most of us are trained to finish everything on our plates at these “meal times.”

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None of these are eating because we are truly hungry. But the good news is eating with a mindful stomach is as easy as asking yourself, “Am I really hungry right now?” Or to put it another way, really listen to the organ that tells you when you are hungry–your stomach.

If you are hungry, then this is a great time to eat. But continue to consult your stomach. A great way to cut back on the amount of food you eat is a little trick I learned from Paul McKenna in his book, I Can Make You Thin.  Here is the trick: Eat very slowly and enjoy your food. After each bite, consult your stomach. If you are still hungry take another bite. If you are not stop eating. Don’t worry not finishing your food because if you are truly hungry in five or ten minutes–eat again!

Do this and see how much you have been eating because of other reasons rather than hunger. And then watch the scale for the results!

You Had Me At, “Carb Cycle.”

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As many of you know, either though knowing me personally, reading my blog, or listening to my podcast, I have struggled to lose this last 4-10 pounds for a while. In an endeavor to trick my body to losing weight again, I have picked up Chris Powell’s book: Choose to Lose, The 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution. I just finished the book yesterday and plan to take the next 2 weeks to try his method.

Also, in the near future I plan on writing a book review and let everyone know my results and what I think about this weight loss plan.

Keep checking in for updates.

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Carbs for Skinny People

We all know naturally thin people. You know, the kind of person who can eat anything they want and it does not effect their weight in the slightest. I have had many friends like this. While I was trying my hardest to lose weight by staying away from high-carb food, thinner friends would gorge themselves on things like pizza and ice cream.

However, there is some bad news for naturally thin people. While they may not be gaining weight form eating high-carb food, they are still damaging their bodies. Or to put another way: Carbs are not good for skinny people either.

The truth is being overweight is just one sign that you are unhealthy. Skinny people who eat poorly can and more than likely will still suffer from things like high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and a whole host of other problems.

Also, later in life, naturally thin people will get fatter. They may never look like those people you see on weight loss TV shows. However, we have all run into thin people with a big  pot belly. How did that happen? Too many carbs.

In summary, eating a low-carb diet is not just for overweight people. Healthy eating is for everyone. If you are a naturally thin person, do not fool yourself into thinking you can eat whatever you want. All those carbs will catch up to you eventually.

Lemon Water

About two years ago, my wife had a gallbladder attack. It was scary. We though she might be having a heart attack. We were moments from going to the hospital when the pain started to subside.

Of course the night of the attack, we were not sure what was happening to her. The next day, she (though research) figured out that it was a gallbladder attack and not a heart attack. The last thing we wanted to do was get her gallbladder removed. Not only could we not afford that, but we thought it was just a bad idea given our philosophy of health. Instead she decided to handle her problem through nutrition.

There are many things my wife began to do as a result of her attack. One of those was to start her day by drinking 1/2 cup of warm lemon water. I also participated in the daily routine.

At the time I did not  know the amazing health benefits I was getting from this practice. I knew a few basics like it turned on my digestive system, and it helps to lose weight. But beyond that I had no idea what warm lemon water was doing to my body. That was until recently.

My wife found an article listing the amazing benefits from starting your day with lemon water. I will not list all of them here; however, I wanted to list a few of the most important.

1. Lemon water reduces joint pain.

This is particularly beneficial for those of us who workout.

2. Lemon water cleanses blood vessels and arteries.

This is vitally important for optimal health.

3. Lemon water helps to stop heart burn.

It is a common mistake to think that heart burn is a result of too much stomach acid. But just the opposite is true. Heart burn is the result of too little stomach acid. Lemon water provides the stomach with the acid necessary to stop heart burn.

If you have not yet added lemon water to your daily regiment, I highly suggest you start. It’s easy to do and takes under a minute to prepare. I simply mix about a table spoon of organic lemon juice with half a cup of water. Then I microwave it for about 30 seconds. After that, drink and enjoy!

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One Habit That Might Be Keeping You Overweight

About six moths ago, I was walking from my office to the front room. On my way, I passed though our kitchen. While in the kitchen, I grabbed a small handful of almonds. I began eating them when it suddenly hit me. I’m not hungry right now; so why am I eating?  Upon further reflection I realized that I eat a lot when I’m not hungry. I may chose low-carb, healthy items, but eating when I’m not hungry is just a bad habit.

For many people eating when they are not hungry may be the cause of plateauing. While weight loss is not simply a matter of calories in and calories out, overeating can stall ones progress. This is true even if a person is eating all the right food.

When one is first starting on a low-carb diet, he/she may be able to get away with some overeating. However, after the body has adapted to a low-carbohydrate diet, the extra nutrients  from overeating can and often does store in the fat cells.

Often, people do not realize that they are overeating because they do not feel stuffed. I know this was true in my case. I did not feel stuffed by eating low-carb snacks between meals. But the truth is that eating when you are not hungry is a form of over eating.

The remedy for this is to simply give up eating when you are not hungry. No one has to eat out of habit or boredom. In fact eating when you are not hungry may be the one habit keeping you overweight.

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