Are You Wasting Food?

There are many things that hinder us from losing weight. A majority of those things that stand in our way are habits. However, it is not always a habit that prevents us from reaching our weight loss goals. Occasionally, we are hindered by what we believe.  I’d like to talk about one of those beliefs today.

“Don’t throw that food away! You will be wasting it if you do!” Did you ever hear those words are something similar growing up? Have you ever repeated this idea to family, friends, or yourself? The idea that if you throw food away even when your are full instead of eating it is one of those beliefs that keep you fat. You are not wasting food by throwing it away especially if you are full . Why?

First, let’s be real clear about what I do not mean.  I am not advocating that you should though food away if you are hungry. I do not believe in starving yourself for weight loss. I also acknowledge that it is very sad that some people go to bed hungry while many of us have enough food to throw away.

But, let’s be real honest. I mean real honest! If you are over weight, and you are eating food after you are satisfied, then you are simply choosing to throw food in a trashcan you wear instead of a trash can you do not wear. Let’s put it another way. If you are over weight, you are not using the extra food on your plate by eating it. You are, in fact, wasting it. You are throwing it away. You are just throwing it away in the trashcan around your belly, hips, and thighs. You are better off throwing the extra food away in the trash can you don’t wear.

Is it sad that there are people who go without food? Yes. But you eating extra food is not helping those people in the slightest. If you are really upset about world hunger then do something productive about it. But what is not productive for you or world hunger is stuffing yourself with the extra food that is on your plate just because you don’t want to “waste it.”

So don’t feel guilty. Let yourself off the hook. You are not wasting food by throwing it in the trashcan you don’t wear. Remember, the other option is throwing that extra food in the trashcan you do wear.

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