Finding Motivation for Weight Loss

motivation 002Finding Motivation for weight loss can at times be difficult. Particularly if you have yo-yo dieted your whole life and have experienced failure after failure. You may wonder if you can really find the motivation to try again.

Every one who has lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off has had their own “breaking point” so to speak, a point in which the pain of being overweight out-weighed the love one may have unhealthy food. I know I had my breaking point (a story I will share in a later post).

Perhaps you are looking for your breaking point. Perhaps you are looking for that moment when you find the motivation to break though and finally lose those extra pounds. What follows is a technique I have learned and have found very helpful in gaining motivation:

Take out a piece of paper and write down everything negative that you have experienced by being overweight. Dig deep into you life. Think of all those painful memories. Think of all those clothes you cannot where because you were too fat to fit into them. Think of those people who you have been interested in romantically, but they were not interested in you because of your weight. Think of all those times you were chosen last for the team because you were looked down upon by others. I know this may be painful. But the more real you make the pain the more motivation you will find for change.

Now think of your future. Think of what it will be like if you continue to mistreat your body though poor diet and non-exercise. Think of what it will cost as far as your health. Think of having to be put in a home much earlier than necessary because you cannot take care of yourself due to your weight. Again, I know it’s painful, but let the pain drive you to change.

Now for something positive. Think of what your future will be like if you take control of your health now. Think of how great you will feel and how great you will look. Think of all the compliments you will receive. Think of the deep feeling of accomplishment you will experience by losing all that weight. Think of all those great things.

Please take the time to write all of these things down. And remember, the more vivid the emotion,  the more motivation you will find for change. Take the time to do this. Make this your breaking point. Make this moment your time when you have finally had enough of that extra weight.

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