Do THEY know What it is Like to be Overweight?

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There are many coaches in the field of health and fitness. You can see them on books, reality TV, and the internet. I have both my favorites and my not so favorites. I’m sure many of my readers do as well.

However, with the vast plethora of health and fitness coaches, there are some questions that always comes to my mind: Do these coaches know what it is like to be overweight? Do they really know how hard it is to lose fat? And, do they know how difficult it is to keep it off? I’ll be honest. I really appreciate a health coach who has actually lost weight and kept it off much more than one who has not.

Please, please do not misunderstand me. There are many health and fitness coaches out there who were never fat themselves, but nevertheless they still get results out of there clients. I respect these coaches tremendously! And in the end, getting results out of your clients is the ultimate test.

But I can really identify with a health and fitness coach who has lost the weight themselves. I cannot identify with someone who has always been fit because I have not always been fit. I was a chubby kid and I was an even chubbier adult. It was a struggle to lose the weight. It was a struggle to stay disciplined on an exercise program. There were times when I was tired and did not want to work out, but somehow found the will to do it anyway. I have hit several plateau in my weight loss journey and became very discouraged as a result. I wanted to give up, but I did not. And, when I see a coach who has been though the same struggles I have been through, I want to listen to them.

On the other hand, when I see some guy who has been fit his whole life, a person who has never had to struggle to lose weight, I tend to be more dismissive. This dismissive attitude can turn into down-right hostility if the coach is giving bad heath advice. There have been many times when I have been watching a video and I see one of these coaches who is naturally fit, talking about calorie restriction and high cardio workouts. It makes want to scream (and sometimes I do scream), “Don’t listen to this guy! He has no idea what he is talking about! He doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle!” NO Way 002 NO Way 003

So what about you? Does this kind of thing make your blood boil too? Are you looking for a health and fitness coach who knows what its like to be overweight, and lose those pounds, and keep them off? We are looking to expand our reach and do some coaching via internet. Leave a comment and let us know!

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