Make a Commitment Already!

When people find out that I have lost 60 LBS, they often ask me how I did it. I don’t generally like to give out all my information for free, seeing that I am in the health and fitness industry. However, I will give them generalities, the kind of thing any one can find on the internet. I will tell them to stay away from carbs. I mention bread, potatoes, sugar, rice, and pasta specifically. Then I will hand them a business card and let them know if they are serious they can contact me for a more thorough health plan.

The sad thing is very few (I mean very few) people are committed enough to make an appointment. What’s even sadder is that the majority (the overwhelming majority) of those people who are only looking for free advice fail in reaching their weight loss goals. In fact, over time, I have seen them get further away from any type of health improvement.

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But, if they did just make the commitment and set an appointment, they would gain so much. They would gain a mentor who has been there and knows what it is like to lose weight. They would gain the strategies that I have learned in pushing past plateaus. They would also learn the techniques that I have applied to myself and others that help overcome laziness and stay motivated.

So why are people so reluctant to make the commitment? Well, there is probably not just one answer to this question. But I would venture to guess that one reason is they just don’t think that the consultation worth paying for. What that really means is they do not think success is worth it’s price. It’s true that success has it’s price, but so does failure. And the price of success carries far less of a price tag than the price of failure.

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