Success Questions for Weight Loss

Many times the reason we fail at our weight-loss goals has to do with the questions we ask ourselves. For example, many people ask themselves a question like: Why can’t I lose weight? Our brain is like a computer. If we ask it a question it will search for the answer. So if we ask a question like the one above, we will come up with the answer. It will be something like: Because you fail at everything so you fail at your diet too. Your brain must find the answer to the questions you ask even if the answer is untrue.

On the other hand, if we ask the right set of questions our brains will also come up with the answers. Below are three questions that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

What Do You Want?

The key to this question is to answer in the positive. Too often people will answer what they want in negative terms. For example someone might say, “I don’t want to be fat.” But what does not being fat mean? To compel yourself toward your goals, answer this question in the positive.

Personally speaking, I would answer this question this way, “I want to weigh 220.” By saying what I do want instead of what I do not want I now know that I need to lose about six more pounds. Putting your answer in the positive gives you a better mental attitude.

What Is the First or Next Step? 

If you are just starting out, you may want to ask yourself what is the first step. However, if you have been on the weight-loss wagon for sometime, you might ask yourself what is the next step.

Another key here is to be specific. What precisely do you need to do in order to take that next or first step?

I’m in the “next step” camp. So for me to lose six more pounds, I will either need to workout more or adjust my eating habits in some way. But more specifically, I could say something like, “I need to increase my workouts by twenty minutes,” or “I need to experiment with my cheat days.”

How Can You Take This Step and Enjoy the Process?

Remember, your brain will find an answer to what you ask. For example, I need to increase my exercise by twenty minutes a day. But now I’m asking the question: How can I enjoy that process? My brain is already coming up with answers. I could take a walk with my dogs. I could add an extra Martial Arts workout to my day. I love Martial Arts. The list could go on. Now my next step is fun and not something I have to do to lose six more pounds.

In closing, I would encouraging you to ask yourself these questions. It’s exciting to see exactly what you want, what you need to get it, and how to make getting it fun!

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