Are You Really Ready to Change (Why Your Diet is Failing)?

How do you know if you are really ready to change? The answer is quite simple. It is when you have reached what motivators call threshold. Threshold is when you can say these three things consistently:

1. My weight has got to change.

2. I have to be the one to change it.

3. It has to be now.

If you cannot say the above phrases with confidence, you are not ready to change.

Of course if you ask people, most often they will say they want to change their weight. This is true to a point. They do want to change. They do not like being fat and they want the perceived pleasure of being in shape. But wanting these things is not enough. And we know it is not enough because many people want these things and still do not make long-term progress toward being fit.

So What is Going Wrong? 

The problem is people want more than the pleasure of being in shape. They also want the pleasure of eating the foods that will make them fat. They also want to avoid the pain of working out. There are, in fact, many pleasurable things related to being overweight. Likewise, there are many painful aspects of doing what it takes to be in shape.

It is these two pain and pleasure realities tied to dieting and exercise that are competing for your behavior. There is pleasure in exercise and as a results of exercise and there is pain in exercise. There is pleasure in dieting and the results of dieting and there is pain in dieting. There is pain in being overweight and there is pleasure also. Again, these two conflicting principles are driving your behavior. This is the real reason people go on and off diets.

The real change is going to come when the pain of being overweight is greater than the pleasure of being overweight. And/or the pleasure of being fit is greater than the pain of doing what it takes to be fit. It will not happen a moment sooner. But when it does happen you will have hit threshold.

In a book I am writing, I will take you though a process that will help you to get to threshold. In it I offer a mental exercise that has helped many people reach the point where they can say:

1. I need to change my weight.

2. I have to be the one to do it.

3. It has to be now.

If you just cannot weight for the book, I am always available for sessions though Skype. Just fill out the contact for. I hope to be seeing you soon. 


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