Pretend to be Robb Wolf (Kick Your Sub-Conscious Into Gear).

Much of what it takes to be successful in weight loss is in your mind. Often we know what to do but lack the mental strength to do so. That’s why developing mental strength is such a vital part of achieving your weight-loss goals.

Of course there are many ways to do this. Today I would like to share with you just one.

The exercise is simple. First pick a roll model. Some one who has the body you would like to have. You must pick someone! That is part of the process.

Next, pretend to be that person for fifteen minutes. That’s right. Don’t just look up to them. Pretend to be them. Make it vivid in your imagination. Imagine you are looking out of that persons eyes. Sit the way they you would imagine them to be sitting. Walk the way you imagine they walk.

One of the best times to do this is at meal time or while you are working out. Imagine you are them and eat the way you think they would eat. Or workout the way you think they would workout.

Why Would You Want to do This? 

A big reason people make bad decisions with their health is a result of their sub-conscious mind. Your sub-conscious is like a program that is playing all the time. It is the reason people yo-yo diet. Your sub-conscious mind is drawing you back to old habits continually. Unless you address your sub-conscious you will not make a permanent change.

This exercise helps re-write the program that your sub-conscious mind is running. You are integrating the imagined….. well, I don’t want to bore you with all the details. Just do it!

Try doing the exercise for fifteen minutes at first. Then go longer if you can. The longer you do this, and the more often, the more permanent the change will be. Kick your sub-conscious into gear.

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