Bio-hack Past Your Plateau (Start Losing Weight Again)!

Calories don’t matter. Right? One of the reasons I failed at dieting so many times in the past was due to the fact that I went on calorie restrictive diets. I was hungry most of the time and the only options to fill my stomach was bland and tasteless food.

To compound the problem further, the food I was allowed to eat to fill my stomach was very unsatisfying. Most of the time, I’d be hungry again in less than an hour.

And those were not the only problems! Also, the food I was allowed to eat was making me fat! One diet recommended that I eat a potato whenever I feel hungry. A coach I had once told me to only eat noodles after 8:00 PM. No wonder these diets failed me.

A Better Way

That is why I was so impressed with the low-carb diet. I could eat great food and eat a lot of it! I was not counting calories, but eating until I was full. And I’ll be honest, there were times when I stuffed myself. But that did not seem to matter–until I stopped losing weight.

Hitting Plateaus 

In my weight-loss journey, I have hit my share of plateaus. I would stop losing weight and have to figure out a way to get my metabolic engine fired up again. On one occasion, I increased my exercise. Then I hit another plateau. Next, I gave up diet soda. Then, I hit another one. Every time I hit one, I would try to find a way to bio-hack past it. What I’m going to share with you is one awesome bio-hack that allowed me to push past another wall!

One Great Way To Lose Weight

Calories don’t count? Well, if you are gorging yourself at every meal, they can start to add up and interfere with your weight-loss goals. And cutting back on your food intake can be a great way to lose a few pounds.

But you don’t want to be hungry and miserable. That only leads to feeling deprived and over eating. Often that feeling can also lead you to eat the wrong kinds of food. So how can you eat less, still eat all the right food that you love and not be hungry?

Here is the secret. Eat slow. Yes, it’s that simple. Eat slow! In fact, I don’t like to think of it as eating slow but enjoying my food. I savor every mouthful, chewing my food about 20 times before swallowing. Also, putting down my fork between bites helps too.

This hack allows your satiety signal to set in with less food. Because you are eating slower, you feel just as satisfied without eating as much as you usually would.

I have found the results of this to be amazing. I am eating less, and as a result I have lost four more pounds and now am only 2 pounds away from my goal weight. I’m still full after every feeding, and I don’t feel deprived in the slightest.

Let me know how it works for you. And if you are feeling good about what we are doing here, then you can help by sharing this article on your social media. And you are always welcome to buy my book for only $1 by following the link below.

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