Hey! I’m On a Diet!

Letting others know that you are attempting to change your eating habits can be challenging. This is particularly true for those who have extensively yo-yo dieted. Speaking from personal experience, I would often keep my diet a secret from my family and friends. Why? Because I did not want to publicly fail–again. It is embarrassing to let everyone know you are trying to lose weight only to have it not workout. However, letting people know you are changing your eating habits is a great technique that will help you make a permanent change. Here are two reason why:

Getting Help 

If you do not let others know that you are on a diet, there is no way they can help you. In fact, not letting others know can lead to some unavoidable compromises. For example, a client of mine neglected to tell anyone that he was going on a low-carb diet. when he went over to his mothers house for his regular Saturday-family meal, he found himself with no low-carb options.

Of course, his family may not have adjusted their eating plan according to my client’s needs. But it does give them the option to help rather than hinder.

Gives You an Out

Letting others know about your dietary changes gives you the upper hand in case you find yourself presented with high-carb temptation. What do I mean by this? Let’s say a friend invites you out to lunch, and he offers to pay. But he wants to go to a place where there are not a lot of low-carb options. If you have not told him about your dietary change, then asking to go to a different restaurant could seem a bit rude. However, if you have told your friend, then you can say something like, “That sounds great, but remember I had mentioned that I’m on a low-carb diet. I’m really serious about being healthy. Could you help me out by going to a restaurant with more low-carb options?”

In Closing

There will always be people who want to see you fail. That is to say, there will be people who do not want to help you even if you have told them about your dietary changes. For example, your friend might be inviting you to lunch because he wants to insure your failure. However, those who want to see others fail normally act indirectly. Letting others know about your dietary needs puts the responsibility on them. They either have to be honest with their desire to see you fail, or they have to acquiesce to your dietary needs.

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