Will I Get Fat Again?

eancarlinbeach 001

I ran across this old picture of myself. Upon looking at it, a fearful thought came to my mind–will I get fat again?

My whole life I have yo-yo dieted. I have had times that could be considered a successes in weight loss. That is to say, I would lose weight and sometimes a lot of weight. However, those successes were always short lived. I would eventually and inevitably regaining the weight I had lost plus a few more pounds.

What brings this up now is that this photo was taken at a time when I was loosing weight. But, like I said, the weight I lost was not permanent. This thought caused me to think about my current weight loss status. Or to put it another way, what makes me think I have lost the weight for good this time?

This is not the first time I have had this thought. During the first year of my serious weight-loss journey, I was constantly wondering how long I was really going work out and stay on the diet. But then the first year passed, and I continued to do well.

The second year was also stressful.But I was always asking myself: Was this going to be the year I gave it all up and went back to being overweight? But the second year passed and I did not go back to being overweight.

This third year has been less fearful. I have only worried about relapsing occasionally. And my thought is:  A little fear is a good thing. It reminds me that I need to keep looking a head and that I can gain weight again if I do not keep myself in check. Seeing this picture did scare me. But that fear made me remember all the reasons I lost weight in the first place. Fear can be a good thing.

This is me looking a head

yogame 001

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