Daily Weight Loss Update: More Success 8/10/16!!!

Awesome day. It was my second day in a row that I weighed in at 208. So excited. Let’s hope I will see the same or a better number tomorrow.

So instead of listing out the food and then the workout, I thought what I would do is walk you though the last 24 hours and cover both.

Last 24 Hours

It started last night. I was still very hungry so I ate one more half bowl of chili and one more brownie. However, I did not stuff myself. I was just barely satisfied.

I got up this morning at 6 AM and ran my 4 miles. It was not my best time. It took me 41:20 min. There was some walking. Currently I am doing my best to run 3 miles before taking a short break and running the rest of my last mile. I have done this two days in a row. But today; however, I did not make it. I ran about 2 and quarter mile before I needed a break. Then I walked and ran the last mile and three quarters.

After a 17 hour fast, I went to an all-you-can-eat restaurant. The pictures below are self explanatory.  13894993_858652864236029_8118175170029576314_n  13920942_858652840902698_8830812832899460667_n 13920953_858652834236032_3503618795379522144_n13939570_858652877569361_6884908293654261642_n

All pretty much low carb. Lots of meat and veggies. However, even though I ate what looks like a significant amount of food, I was still hungry.

Later I went back to the gym and worked on shoulders and back. It was about a half hour workout. Then it was off to Jujitsu for an hour and a half. Awesome class, built up a great sweat. Very exhausting!

Got home and had about a half bowl of turkey stew. It was thickened with cream and rice something or other. No gluten; very low carb.


Dessert was one organic peanut butter-dark-chocolate cup.


A few things in closing. I’m not sure if I’m getting enough food. I know it looks like a lot but I am also working out like crazy and fasting. The reason I say this is that I am still very hungry. Tomorrow is a big workout day. Running, weights, Yoga, Martial Arts. If I meet all my workout goals, and my weight is still in check, I plan on eating a bit more.

We will see you all tomorrow!

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